The influence of the crisis on family business take-overs

A study by Nyenrode Business University shows that the impact of the current crisis on the take-over of family business is relatively limited. Only 11% indicate that their ideas about this have changed.

The study involved 125 Dutch family businesses and these were the main conclusions:

  • 10% of bankruptcies are due to the sudden death of the entrepreneur through a lack of succession strategy.

  • 75% of the entrepreneurs indicated that approaching succession is a point of attention.

  • 84% of them would prefer to leave the business to the next generation; 19% of this group does not exclude an external take-over.

  • If family transfer is preferred, 1/3 is in favor of all children becoming co-owners; 1/3 of the respondents prefer one owner within the family.

  • When asked whether the crisis has changed the ideas of succession of the family business, only 11% of the entrepreneurs indicated that this is the case.


Photo by on Unsplash