Private equity funds in corona times

RSM UK has conducted a survey on UK Private Equity funds and it appears that they will certainly remain more than active in the acquisition market in 2020.

More than 150 Private Equity (PE) executives representing some 80 mid-market funds were surveyed by RSM UK.

The review shows that nearly 71% of the PE funds are willing to inject additional capital into their corporate portfolio for financing purposes before the end of 2020.


Some interesting figures indicate that the PE funds remain aware of takeover opportunities::
- Nearly 74% of the PE funds wish to finalize the deals they had already started before the corona crisis. 
- 78% of the PE funds are prepared this year to finance acquisitions that match their portfolio..  
- Nearly 70% of the funds are willing to inject capital into acquisitions whose talks had not yet started before the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis.
- 55% of the funds do expect fewer deals to be realized than in 2019.

Source: RSM UK rapport “The Private Equity industry during coronavirus”